> Organisational Structure

PLATINA 2 comprises several bodies related to project management as well as internal and external communication and content-related steering.

Advisory Committee (AdCOM): responsible for the strategic guidance of the project’s technical actions and recommendations. It consists of high-level representatives of Member States, third countries, river commissions, the IWT sector as well as the European Commission. Their acceptance of PLATINA 2’s results is vital to the success of the NAIADES action programme. The Advisory Committee usually meets in combination with the EC NAIADES implementation group. Furthermore, it reviews the roadmap reports proposed by the Management Committee or discusses topical issues in course of the NAIADES dialogue.

Management Committee (MCOM): consists of senior representatives of the WP leader organisations which are responsible for the tactical planning and the internal agreement on roadmap reports for the platform and its work packages.

Executive Board (ExBoard): made up of representatives of the European Commission and the MCOM. It is in charge of strategic planning, resolving contractual and financial issues and monitoring support activities. The Executive Board meets at appropriate milestones. Selected Member State and Sector Representatives are invited on personal title.

Technical Secretariat (TS): responsible for the day-to-day administrative and technical management of PLATINA 2 and consists of the WP leaders. It carries out the actions delegated to it by the Management Committee and the Executive Board. The Technical Secretariat is also the focal point for the organisation of project-related networks and dissemination and exploitation of project resulty. This includes technical coordination and responsibility, coordination and liaison with the European Commission, financial administration, a communication desk, as well as a project back office.

Project partners: experts who provide technical expertise and inputs to the various work packages and activities. These experts are chosen from IWT industry representatives, consultants, promotion agencies and administrations. Project partners will meet only as necessary to complete their specified tasks. A full consortium meeting together with the EC-Project Officer normally takes place once a year.

Involvement of external experts, stakeholders and subcontractors: in addition to the targeted one-directional information transmission under the PLATINA 2 umbrella, interactive involvement of stakeholders from within and beyond the sector takes place. This is carried out by various means, the most important being NAIADES dialogue and Thematic Expert Groups, which are adapted to the particular issue. The gathered viewpoints and expert knowledge are integrated in the project work. Synergies with existing initiatives and structures are exploited.