> NAIADES Dialogue

NAIADES dialogue reflects the nature of the PLATINA 2 project, namely to serve as an exchange, discussion and promotion platform with practical relevance.

The NAIADES dialogue explicitly aims reaching out to an external audience of potential end users, freight forwarders, authorities, fleet and terminal operators, potential shippers, different players from the ports sector etc. Through the organisation of dialogue meetings for this external audience on a regional and European level, PLATINA 2 focuses on a participative approach which should facilitate acceptance and ownership for relevant PLATINA 2 results among a wide audience and enable the integration of feedback from practise. Synergies with other conferences are sought. 

The NAIADES dialogue shall assure that the development of PLATINA 2 reaches the operators and logistic decision-makers and their representatives. It is both an opportunity for policy makers to communicate their strategies and policy instruments as well as a chance for practitioners to place their point of views and ideas. 

Topics of all PLATINA 2  action fields are addressed.

Summary report on NAIADES dialogue meetings