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In this action field, PLATINA 2 identifies new markets for inland navigation and develops measures to open them up, to stimulate multimodal supply chain integration and to encourage synergistic actions between operators.

Identifying and attracting new markets for inland waterway transport should open up opportunities in continental cargo markets. PLATINA 2 stimulates multimodal supply chain integration by further development of user-friendly logistics decision support tools, including a European funding database and logistics information portals. Entrepreneurship and synergistic actions amongst operators are stimulated by analysing market organisations for continental logistics and by increasing market transparency.

This action field focuses on:

  • Identification of new markets for inland waterway transport
  • Development of logistics decision support tools
  • Understanding market mechanisms and fostering transparency

Actions in this field are coordinated by Paul Lambrechts (Promotie Binnenvaart Vlaanderen).

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