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In this action field, PLATINA 2 fosters innovation take-up and greening of the fleet, undertakes technology forecasts, enhances the knowledge basis on external cost performance and consolidates research and innovation needs.

PLATINA 2 provides tools and advice to business organisations and public administrations on how to speed up innovation take-up. It improves the knowledge base needed for determining external cost performance of inland waterway transport, by reviewing data quality and systematically identifying gaps in data as well as possible solutions. Additionally existing research results and future research and innovation needs that will contribute to an improved economic, safety and environmental performance of inland waterway transport are detected, gathered and consolidated.

This action field focuses on:

  • Developing tools for innovation uptake
  • Improving the knowledge base for innovation uptake and internalisation of external costs
  • Developing an innovation agenda and performing technology forecasts

Actions in this field are coordinated by Henk-Erik Sierink  (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment.

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