> River Information Services

The implementation of RIS not only improves safety and efficiency in inland waterway traffic, but enhances the efficiency of transport operations in general. It is featured high on the EU IWT policy agenda, requiring substantial investments by public authorities, national and European, as well as operators within the logistic chain. 

The European RIS policy revision undertaken in 2014 will require follow-ups, for which PLATINA 2 prepares the grounds. PLATINA 2 identifies future RIS applications and analyses good practices of logistic RIS applications. 

Furthermore, the usage of River Information Services depends on the efficient information exchange on RIS within the “RIS Expert Community” and the info transmission to actual and potential users. PLATINA 2 improves the single European portal on River Information Services (www.ris.eu) and supports the RIS Expert Groups’ in their work.

Description of work: