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In this action field, PLATINA 2 pushes the improvement of waterway infrastructure by supporting the integration of IWT into multimodal European corridors, the implementation of innovative River Information Services and by providing guidance on efficient and effective inland waterway maintenance.

PLATINA 2 identifies data gaps concerning European IWT infrastructure and defines ways to close them. In addition, it supports the development process of the multimodal TEN-T corridor work plans from an IWT perspective.

The development of innovative and harmonised River Information Services is facilitated by identifying future RIS applications, by elaborating the European RIS web portal (www.ris.eu) and by supporting the RIS Expert Groups in their work.

Furthermore, PLATINA 2 pushes knowledge exchange and mutual learning between river corridors in the field of waterway maintenance. A European Expert Group on Waterway Maintenance is established, developing a practical Good Practice Manual on Inland Waterway Maintenance on effective and sustainable inland waterway maintenance.

Actions in this field focus on:

  • Supporting the integration of IWT into the multimodal TEN-T corridors 
  • Fostering the development and implementation of River Information Services
  • Supporting knowledge exchange in inland waterway maintenance

Actions in this field are coordinated by Gudrun Maierbrugger (viadonau).

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