> Project structure and objectives

PLATINA 2 (2013 - 2016) is a European Coordination Action supporting the implementation of the NAIADES 2 policy package "Towards quality inland waterway transport".

PLATINA 2 provides technical and organisational support to the European Commission, Member States , third countries, River Commissions and industry in the development and deployment of targeted policy actions implementing the NAIADES 2 Action Programme. Consequently, PLATINA 2 aims at fostering the development of inland waterway transport into a quality mode of transport. The project builds on close cooperation with administrative stakeholders on all levels, River Commissions, branch organisations as well as (potential) end users, freight forwarders, fleet and terminal operators, shippers and further relevant stakeholders, initiatives and projects. Their involvement is ensured by dedicated working groups, the Advisory Committee  or NAIADES dialogue

Organised along the priority topics of NAIADES 2, PLATINA 2 comprises four work packages (“action fields”) dealing with specific policy areas:

•    Markets and Awareness
•    Innovation and Fleet
•    Jobs and Skills
•    Infrastructure



The PLATINA 2  consortium consists of 12 partners from seven different countries. The core consortium is formed by viadonau (Austria) as coordinator, Promotie Binnenvaart Vlaanderen (Belgium), Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (The Netherlands) and Stichting STC-Group (The Netherlands).