> EDINNA web-database of common IWT learning materials

03 Feb 2014

One major output of the PLATINA Sub-Work Package 3.2 "Life-long learning initiative" has been finalised with the launch of the website of EDINNA, the European educational network on www.edinna.eu.

The structure of the website allows for a further development of “Standards of Training and Certification in Inland Navigation” (STCIN) and provides currently a basis for exchange of documents and materials relating to the development of the professional competencies for both operational and management level as part of a future STCIN.

In addition, a content management system has been implemented and simplifies work for the EDINNA daily secretariat. EDINNA can handle information relating to their working programme in a more structured way.

Furthermore, a step towards implementing the “Strategy for the integration of IWT knowledge in general logistics education” has been taken by adding a menu button providing relevant learning materials on inland navigation for the general logistics educational institutes in five different languages: English, German, French, Dutch and Romanian.

The website currently contains 17 English, 12 German and Dutch as well as 5 Romanian, 4 French and Slowak and 1 Bulgarian entry about IWT facts and figures as well. The interactive section contains 14 Dutch, 12 German, 4 English, 2 French and 1 Romanian entry. 14 maps, including one satellite map are available. Finally, in the field of teaching aids, 11 Romanian, 9 English, 4 German and one French as well as one Dutch entry is currently downloadable.

www.edinna.eu now provides a solid working tool for European inland navigation education and training institutes.