> Course Manuals for Inland Navigation Education

24 Mar 2015

Course Manuals form an integral part of the Standards of Training and Certification for Inland Navigation Education and Training (STCIN), facilitating the individual inland waterway education and training institutes to implement the standards concerning the professional competencies as laid down in the PLATINA Tables of Competences into their education and training system.

From October 2012 until April 2015 a consortium consisting of the STC-Group, Maritieme Academie Harlingen, Schiffer-Berufskolleg Rhein, BDS-Binnenschiffahrt and the European Transport Workers' Federation conducted a project under the Leonardo da Vinci Programme to design the first Course Manual.

This Manual will be presented at the final conference "Course Manuals for Inland Navigation Education and Training", to be held in Brussels on 29 April 2015 starting at 9h30. During this event attention will be paid to the process of the integration of the STCIN and Course Manuals in Inland Navigtion Education and Training.

To attend, send an email to edinna@stc-r.nl.