> Survey on innovation financing needs

07 Oct 2015

Modernisation on inland waterway transport requires investment and investment requires proper financing. Due to the financial crisis, traditional financiers are more hesitant with financing.

Both at EU and national level, various instruments exist to support access to finance for the sector of inland navigation. In order to find the adequate means for innovation financing, ESO (European Skippers Organisation) and EBU (European Barge Union) prepared a survey to get a better insight into the financing needs, gaps and obstacles faced by the sector.

The outcome will help the European Commission and financial partners such as the European Investment Bank (EIB) to determine which instruments are suitable for the sector. Another outcome could be that specific new instruments are necessary to address the specific situation of the inlandnavigation industry.

The European Commission actively cooperates in the organisation of this market survey which takes place in the framework of the implementation actions of the EU NAIADES II programme for the development of inland waterway transport.

The survey is available in 4 languages and open for one month: