> Commissioner Bulc receives recommendations to reap the connecting power of inland ports

25 Feb 2016

On 25 February 2016,  Hans-Peter Hadorn, President of the European Federation of Inland Ports and representing the members of the Platform for Multimodality and Logistics in Inland Ports handed over the final results of the study on Multimodality and Logistics in Inland Ports to the Commissioner of Transport, Violeta Bulc.

Within the period of November 2014 to August 2015 the Platform brought together major stakeholders and experts from inland ports, logistics and transportation companies, operators, as well as shippers. The Platform defined the role that inland ports shall play in an integrated multimodal logistics chain, as drivers of economic growth with the objective of identifying barriers, good practices and providing policy recommendations in order to reap the full potential of inland ports.

The final report of these findings contains the key recommendation that with the right incentives inland ports can play a decisive role in the development of a high-performance, sustainable and efficient interconnected trans-European network in fields as diverse as energy, telecommunications and transport. With a stronger positioning in the Core Network Corridor development, land use planning and digital solutions, inland ports become the connectors to bundle cargo flows as much as possible and help decarbonising transport.  A common agreement was reached to make full use of the recommendations and to gather concrete best practices from ports in order to secure the follow-up of the Platform.

The handing over of the report by Hans-Peter Hadorn was part of a common meeting of the four main European associations of the IWT and inland port sector: INE, EBU, ESO and EFIP.

Fltr: left to right : Hans-Peter Hadorn, Commissioner Violeta Bulc, Alexander van den Bosch

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From left to right : Hans-Peter Hadorn, Commissioner Violeta Bulc, Alexander van den Bosch