> Outcome TEN-T Call 2014

29 Jun 2015

The European Commission proposals for funding under the multi-annual and annual Connecting Europe Facility work programme have been announced. As requested funding exceeded the available call 2014 budget of 13 BEUR, most requests were significantly reduced except for the priority projects.

For inland waterway transport infrastructure, Seine-Scheldt will get 980 MEUR EU funding, spread over France and Belgium, clearing the financial hurdles to realise this major cross-border waterway infrastructure linking Paris to Northwestern Europe.

The Danube obtains more than 35 MEUR co-financing for fairway and improved navigability works and 100 MEUR for a Danube cross-border bridge in Hungary.

Further funding is planned for lifting the bridges on the Albert canal, the Maasroute, the canals in Germany and the Po waterway system in Italy.

However, important new policy direction, locks receive significantly less co-fianncing or none at all. The European Commission takes the view that locks are candidates for financial instruments or cheap loans as revenues could be generated, to be further explored by financial ad technical experts.

RIS projects in Belgium, Hungary and Italy will be co-funded.

Innovation projects such as Watertruck+, the information platform of Upper Rhine Ports and the LNG deployment project will benefit from EU funding.

All grant agreements will be signed before the end of this year.