> NAIADES Dialogue

29 Sep 2014

NAIADES dialogue sessions serve as an exchange and discussion platform about European inland waterway transport policy with end users, freight forwarders, authorities, fleet and terminal operators, different players from the ports sector etc. The meetings aim at informing all interested stakeholders about the policy programme and its implementation. But even more important, stakeholders’ feedback and input is very much valued to build successful policy programmes.

The sessions take place in conjunction with other conferences or meetings.

  Date Markets Innovation
& Fleet
& Skills
 EDINNA General Assembly 02/2014     X  
 Danube Business Talks 03/2014 X      
 Platina2 Advisory Committee 10/2014 X X X X
 Barge to Business 11/2014 X X   X
 CCNR Plenary 12/2014 X X X X
 EBU/BDB event 2015   X    
 RIS Week 2015       X