> NAIADES Dialogue in Strasbourg

26 Nov 2014

The Naiades Dialogue which took place on 4 December 2014 in Strasbourg informed interested stakeholders about EU Naiades action plan and about the Platina 2 project which assists with the implementation of the Naiades action plan. To read about what happened at the previous event in Luxembourg, click here.

The objective was to share the ongoing work of Platina 2 and to hear the public's feedback and input which is essential for a successful implementation of the EU inland waterway transport policy.
The main topics for the Naiades Dialogue session were Market strengthening, the Inland Navigation Innovation agenda and forecast, the possibilities for an Electronic service record book and Good practices on waterway maintenance.


Market session - Martin Quispel, partner, STC-NESTRA

All-in supply solutions are crucial to attract more cargo to the inland waterways. What market models can contribute to structural strengthening of IWT to offer services that are well adapted to market demand and strengthen multi-modal waterway transport solutions? What is the volume of the current market potential for more continental cargo by barge on the various TEN-T corridors?  Presentation

Innovation agenda and forecast - Henk Erik Sierink, Senior policy advisor, MINISTRY OF INFRASTRUCTURE AND THE ENVIRONMENT, THE NETHERLANDS

The implementation of research and innovation in the four thematic areas of the Naiades action programme – infrastructure, innovation, qualifications, markets - has to gain speed and momentum to strengthen the competitive position of IWT. What are the priority issues that should be dealt with and (how) can stakeholders together with the EC, MS and others agree on ways to commit time, energy and budget on getting the work done on those priorities. Presentation

Electronic service record book - Rob van Reem, Deputy-director STC

Electronic tools which support the process of harmonisation and modernisation of professional qualifications will increase labour mobility and contribute to an equal level-playing field. During this session, possible approaches towards a European Electronic Service Record Books will be presented.  Presentation

Good practices on waterway maintenace - Gudrun Maierbrugger, project manager, VIA DONAU

PLATINA II established a pan-European group of experts to discuss experiences on efficient waterway maintenance. The outcome of the exchange will feed into a Good Practise Manual that will provide waterway administrations with practical guidelines for improving their regular maintenance tasks. In the session, outline and focus topics of the manual will be presented to the audience for feedback.  Presentation