> NAIADES Dialogue in Luxembourg

21 Nov 2014

Naiades Dialogue aims to inform all interested stakeholders about EU Naiades action plan and the Platina 2 project which assists with the implementation of the Naiades action plan. The last edition took place on 20 November 2014 in Luxembourg, main topics were innovation and market organisation. Feedback and input from the audience being essential for a successful implementation of the EU inland waterway transport policy, this was an open debate with all stakeholders based on an introduction by policy and business thought leaders


Innovation & financing: the ship of the future - Session report

Strict regulations and competitiveness towards other modes are important drivers for innovation, but how to stay competitive and invest in times of crisis, overcapacity and uncertainty. What new possibilities are available or should be made available to give SMEs better investment potential.

  • Gert Mensink, Coordinating Policy Advisor, Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment (NL)
  • Lucia Luijten, Head of Unit Inland Shipping and Waterways, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment (NL)
  • Ben Maelissa, Group Director & Co-Owner, Danser Group
  • Manfred Seitz, Coordinator, LNG Masterplan
  • Patrick Steenacker, General Manager, Pegasus Shipping


Market organisation - Session report

All-in supply solutions are crucial to attract more cargo to waterways. Can such logistics services be delivered by single ship-owners and how? Economies of scale and long term contracts providing for stable revenues are favourable conditions for successful innovations and investments. However, most barge owners operate individually on the basis of short term contracts acquired on the dynamic spot market. What market models contribute to structural strengthening and professionalisation of barge owners to offer services that are well adapted to market demand and strengthen multi-modal waterway transport solutions?

  • Henk-Erik Sierink, Senior Policy Advisor Maritime and Shipping directorate, Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment (NL)
  • Philip Maugé, Development Director, SCAT
  • Martin Quispel, Partner, STC-NESTRA
  • Henk Schipper, Co-founder and Manager, ELV
  • Marc Vanderhaegen, Team leader Inland waterway transport,  European Commission DG MOVE
  • Jan Vogelaar, Director, Centraal Bureau voor Rijn- en Binnenvaart


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