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  • Roadmap towards ship-handling simulator standards

    06 Apr 2016

    Draft technical standards for IWT ship-handling simulators for the purpose of examination to promote career progression for IWT crew members and to reduce barriers to labour mobility | DOWNLOAD 1020.99 KB .pdf

  • Report of river shows to disseminate logistics learning material

    16 Mar 2016

    Evaluation of the river shows conducted to facilitate the uptake of logistics learning materials by general logistics educational institutes | DOWNLOAD 688.8 KB .pdf

  • Consolidation and provision of Learning Content

    13 Oct 2015

    Extension of database of common IWT learning materials and its dissemination, creation of one-stop-shop of logistics learning materials. | DOWNLOAD 636.83 KB .pdf

  • European Electronic Service Record Book

    30 Apr 2015

    Results of investigation into user's demand and proposal for data registration system of European Electronic Service Record Book (e-SRB) for the inland waterway transport sector | DOWNLOAD 916.59 KB .pdf