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  • Report on the NAIADES dialogue meetings

    22 Dec 2015

    Report on meetings set up to bridge the gap between end user and policy makers, to create open dialogue between all stakeholders, to contribute their views on research and innovation topics, priorities and vehicles for implementation | DOWNLOAD 917.86 KB .pdf

  • Dissemination plan

    11 May 2015

    Detailed listing of envisaged dissemination activities in PLATINA 2, for each sub work package, and covering the whole project duration | DOWNLOAD 465.13 KB .pdf

  • Progress report - September 2014

    22 Sep 2014

    Review of achieved results and planned activities and outputs | DOWNLOAD 1016.48 KB .pdf

  • Roadmap report - August 2014

    29 Aug 2014

    Review of technical results achieved and an outlook on activities and outputs planned for the future | DOWNLOAD 1.28 MB .pdf