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  • Market potential continental market

    24 Apr 2015

    Macro analysis of the market potential for IWT in the continental cargo market | DOWNLOAD 20.38 MB .pdf

  • Strategy to enhance market transparency

    22 Jan 2015

    Analysis of possibilities to enhance market transparency and synergistic actions to improve integration of IWT in supply chains. | DOWNLOAD 2.67 MB .pdf

  • Info portal - Functional concept

    25 Jul 2014

    Functional Concept(s) of logistics information portal(s) - Danube and Seine – Scheldt - Rhine regions | DOWNLOAD 2.18 MB .pdf

  • Comparison of modal shift studies

    30 Jun 2014

    Comparative analysis of existing modal shift studies delivering a conceptual framework for modal choice, with a review of practical cases, identifying key success factors. | DOWNLOAD 840.53 KB .pdf