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  • Information architecture for European infrastructure-related information

    27 May 2015

    Recommendations to the European Commission on the requirements for an Information Architecture for policy making and monitoring IWT infrastructure development | DOWNLOAD 6.73 MB .pdf

  • Expert group for inland waterway maintenance

    22 Dec 2014

    Terms of reference for the constitution of an expert group for inland waterway maintenance. | DOWNLOAD 381.08 KB .pdf

  • Review of TEN-T Corridors progress report

    02 Dec 2014

    Review of the draft final Corridor Progress Reports from the TEN-T corridor consortia. | DOWNLOAD 767.78 KB .pdf

  • Guidance for IWT integration in TEN-T Corridors

    26 Jun 2014

    Information packages (volumes I and II) on the state of play of inland waterway transport in relation to core network corridors | DOWNLOAD 2.06 MB .pdf

  • Manual on Good Practices in Sustainable Waterway Planning

    09 Apr 2014

    Provides guidelines for planning waterway development projects compatible with environmental protection requirements, destined for technical planners and other interested stakeholders involved in waterway development planning process. | DOWNLOAD 10.2 MB .pdf

  • IENC register and ECDIS standard specifications

    09 Jun 2009

    Description of technical requirements and specification for set up and operation of Inland ENC register and maintenance of digital parts of Inland ECDIS Standard | DOWNLOAD 836.98 KB .pdf