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  • Possible objectives and measures of the revision of the RIS Directive

    13 Dec 2016

    Concise policy paper containing input for the planned revision of the RIS-Directive, setting out objectives and identifying problems and solution measures. | DOWNLOAD 1.54 MB .pdf

  • The hidden market potential of the Danube and how to unlock it

    07 Jul 2016

    Flyer describing the market analysis on unused cargo potential for inland navigation in the Danube region, checked with logistics players and including supportive measures to increase use of inland waterway transport for promising cargo groups. | DOWNLOAD 2.86 MB .pdf

  • Good Practice Manual for inland waterway maintenance

    07 Jul 2016

    Flyer on the fostering of knowledge exchange on inland waterway maintenance across borders, the set-up of a European expert platform and the “Good Practice Manual on Inland Waterway Maintenance” for waterway administrations | DOWNLOAD 3.34 MB .pdf

  • Reliable data essential to ensure correct external cost calculation

    07 Jul 2016

    Flyer on the review of the quality of datasets used to calculate emissions and external costs for inland waterway transport at EU level, analysing what data are needed and available, identifying knowledge gaps and including recommendations on how to close main data gaps. | DOWNLOAD 1.58 MB .pdf

  • Is inland waterway transport ready for continental cargo?

    07 Jul 2016

    Flyer with analysis of continental transport shows uptake of inland shipping is hampered by cost,availability of an appropriate multimodal unit and business models. Cooperation between logistics players and sharing of information are key to move continental cargo by water. | DOWNLOAD 3.2 MB .pdf

  • Report on stakeholder exchange on external cost in inland navigation

    12 Apr 2016

    Review of available European datasets for external costs calculations on emissions to air, identifying several knowledge gaps and proposing recommendations and key actions | DOWNLOAD 956.53 KB .pdf

  • Report on market potential and up-take measures for the Danube Region

    06 Apr 2016

    Provides a summary of detected unused potential of inland navigation and supportive measures for increased usage of inland waterway transport for promising cargo groups | DOWNLOAD 1.64 MB .pdf

  • Outline of market organisation and structure for European continental transport chains

    06 Apr 2016

    Market potential in the continental cargo market, analysis and roadmap focusing on inland container terminals | DOWNLOAD 2.29 MB .pdf

  • Roadmap towards ship-handling simulator standards

    06 Apr 2016

    Draft technical standards for IWT ship-handling simulators for the purpose of examination to promote career progression for IWT crew members and to reduce barriers to labour mobility | DOWNLOAD 1020.99 KB .pdf

  • Report of river shows to disseminate logistics learning material

    16 Mar 2016

    Evaluation of the river shows conducted to facilitate the uptake of logistics learning materials by general logistics educational institutes | DOWNLOAD 688.8 KB .pdf